Morning Walk Program

In honor of World Hospice & Palliative Care Day (WHPCD), a morning walk program is arranged. Together with a cup of coffee, we stroll through Incheon Songdo Central Park to commemorate the day and form a network. Participants will freely walk along the circulation according to the guidance, and the detailed course is as follows. It is a schedule to take WHPCD commemorative photos together at Songdo Hanok Village and return to Songdo Convensia. Commemorate WHPCD and enjoy some fresh morning air and networking with participants.

Theme Compassionate Communities: Together for Palliative Care
Date and Time October 7 (Sat.), 2023, 07:40-08:40
Place Incheon Songdo Central Park
Transportation By Walk (6 minutes from Venue)
Eligible applicants All participants who have completed online registration in advance
Application deadline ~ August 31 (Thu.), 2023
Fee Free
How to apply After completing registration in the online system, you can apply though the ‘Morning Walk Application’ Green button on the top right corner.
Course Songdo Convensia(Venue) → Central Park Entrance → Gayle Bridge → UN Plaza → Songdo Hanok Village → Strolling Garden Bridge → Central Park Exit → Songdo Convensia(Venue)
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